NJSA Round robin open final results

Please finds attached the various age group placings.

On behalf of NJSA a big thank you to the players and parents.  These weekends are long and the patience of the parents was unwavering!  The kids just want to get onto the court an play but the manner in which everyone partook in the weekends matches, behaved and waited patiently for their turn to play bodes well for the future of Junior Squash.

To our travellers, we trust you have arrived home safely and thank you for taking the time, effort and cost to meet and mingle with our Northerns Juniors.

To PCC and PHSOB, thank you for the use of your facilities.

To the new players who entered their first tournament, well done.  It is the first and the boldest step you can take towards the introduction to competitive squash.  Every other player also played in  their first tournament some time or another and  even though results may not have necessarily gone your way,  the experience gained is priceless and makes you stronger for the next event….so keep coming back!

Lots of learning took place both on and off the court:


  • Watch the 5 min warmup ie you need to be there during the warm up
  • Watch the 90 seconds break between games
  • Don’t be afraid to call a stroke and even a No Let
  • Be consistent with your calls


  • Loud and clear scoring
  • Get the scoresheets to the supervisor immediately after the match


  • Warm up (players should be warm and ready.  A lot of them take the 1st game to warm up)
  • Stretch down (yip, after the match)
  • Keep positive
  • Some calls are tough but a referee does not make errors on purpose
  • Thanks the markers and referee’s after your match, remember you up next.

I saw a lot of honesty this weekend ie players immediately stopping if there was a double bounce.  Thank you, that’s what sportsmanship is all about.

There seemed to be happier faces as well.  We play hard, play to win but we play fair and play to have fun!

Till the next time, keep those racquets swinging and legs turning…squash is an amazing game and your kids are lovin’ it!.


Brett Cousins

NJSA Squash


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NJSA Open draw updated

Please find final draws for this weekend:

Please note:

  • There are two late withdrawals in u14 Girls and u16B Boys.  It is too late to adjust the draw so those games will unfortunately be considered a “bye”
  • Some sections are split into 2 groups with cross pool playoffs to allow for more matches
  • Two venues are being used so please pay attention to which venue you have been allocated
  • Please report to the court supervisors table before your 1st match of the day so they are aware you are present
  • Remember to arrive at least 30 minutes before your scheduled match as we are using the “Follow on” mode of play
  • Winners to Ref the next match, Losers must please Mark
  • If you are scheduled for the 2nd match of the day ie 08h30, please arrive at 08h00 to Mark/Ref the 1st match

This tournament is about the players, not the parents, we can dwell on the days play after everyone is complete.  Please respect the players and court supervisors.

Do not interfere with the marking, rather call a court supervisor.

Have fun…let your child enjoy the weekend, it is tough on the court so make it easier for them off the court by showing your support!

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Blitz league 2016 dates

Blitz league is going to be held on the following dates: 1, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10 and 11 February.

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League matters for 2016

Important information for your attention before the start of the 2016 league season:

  • In an attempt to increase the participation and for some safety concerns in our ladies leagues the Executive Committee has decided that ladies reserve, second and third leagues will no longer be restricted to playing their matches on Wednesday evenings. Ladies in these leagues will be allowed to find any suitable time to play the match, as long as the result is entered before the deadline. If an alternate time cannot be agreed upon then the default time will remain six o’clock on Wednesday evenings.
  • Northerns has a very strong junior squash setup and we encourage these juniors to take part in the senior league as a part of their development. With this in mind, we would like each club to try to accommodate these juniors by letting them play their match first and score the second so that they can leave thereafter. This is a request to try to accommodate them as far as possible and cannot be used as an excuse for playing out of position.
  • The NSA would like to start a marketing campaign for the league and tournaments with the hope of obtaining a sponsorship for the province. If there is someone involved in marketing or able to help in any regard with sponsorship, please indicate this to your club so that the NSA can get in touch with them.
  • We would once again like to remind you that the 15th of January is the absolute last day for transfers if one wishes to avoid the four match waiting period.
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NJSA Open Round Robin tournament


29 – 31 January 2016

Boys & Girls Under 11 – Under 19

Open to all junior players. Closing date for entries : SUNDAY 24 JANUARY 2016 at midnight. Entries must be made online by completing the form here.  No late entries will or can be accepted!

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