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The Northerns Squash Federation (NSF) Board:

  • President: Michael Pierce
  • Vice president: Anton Louw
  • Members: Ashwell Jeneker
  • Ex Officio members: Toepie Wood (NSA), Blaar Coetzee (NJSA), Robert More (NMSA)

Northerns Squash Association (NSA) committee:

  • Chairman: Rodney (Toepie) Wood (Tel: 082 454 7975)
  • Vice chairman: Mark Southwood
  • Treasurer: Kyle Potgieter
  • Administrator: Craig Stephens (
  • Members: Hannelize Human, Etienne Champion, Angelo Shaik and Giovanni Raffa.

Northerns Masters Squash Association (NMSA) committee:

Please note: The preferred e-mail address for correspondence is:

Name & Surname Cell E-mail
ROBERT MORE 082 556 7149
WILLEM KLOPPER 082 622 9763
MANDI JOUBERT 082 579 4217
ANNA BOTHA 083 300 8186
IZAK LAMPBRECHT 083 231 4075
BERTUS KRUGER 073 282 5415
ANTON MEYER 082 779 2272

Northerns Junior Squash Association (NJSA) committee:

All NJSA correspondence can be directed to and it will be brought to the attention of the relevant committee member.

2 Responses to Contact us

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi, I am urgently looking for a number for the 9th league squash captain for Akasia, or any other person with Akasia.

    I need to contact them in regards to these evenings game.


  2. Marina Du Triou says:

    Good day

    We did the payment and the process for registration for our son Nathan Du Triou U 13 on 9 March, we are still waiting for an registration nr, due to this we missed the entry date for this NJSA tournament this weekend.

    May I please ask if there is someone to assist us as this website is really not user friendly. Your admin email delivery also don’t reach you system delivery each time I try to send mail.


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