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Updated for 2022

NSF Administrator for all 3 Associations: Gerda Dreyer:

The Northerns Squash Federation (NSF) Board:

  • Acting President: Blaar Coetzee
  • Members: Anton Louw, Ashwell Jenneker, Bronwen Martin & Toepie Wood
  • Ex Officio members: Blaar Coetzee (NSA), Brett Cousins (NJSA) Izak Lamprecht (NMSA) & Michael Pierce (Audit & Governance)

Northerns Squash Association (NSA) committee:

  • Chairman:  Blaar Coetzee        Cell:  082 781 6917
  • Treasurer:  Cornelie Read
  • Members:  Jacques Kruger, Bronwen Martin, Angelo Shaik & Derek van der Merwe

Northerns Masters Squash Association (NMSA) committee:

Name and Surname



Chairperson: Izak Lamprecht 083 231 4075
Vice-Chairperson: Mandi Joubert 082 579 4217
Treasurer: Saartjie Cromhout 082 677 2157
Robert Moore 082 556 7149
Thea van Bart 083 997 5229
Philip van Rooyen 082 566 4453

Northerns Junior Squash Association (NJSA) committee:

  • All NJSA correspondence can be directed to and it will be brought to the attention of the relevant committee member.


Name & Surname


Chairperson: Brett Cousins
Vice-chairperson: Donald Weir
Treasurer: Saartjie Cromhout
Marking & refereeing:
Website: Gerda Dreyer
Tournaments: Reinhardt Falk &
Kelsey Cousins
IPT’s Away:
Top Schools: Ian Craig
High schools league: Hennie van Eck
Primary schools league: Reinhardt Falk &
Kelsey Cousins
Country Schools Festival: Etienne Badenhorst
Ladder: Girls Ian Craig
Ladder: Boys U/11 U/13 U/14 Kelsey Cousins
Ladder: Boys U/16 U/19
Colours, clothing, capping and functions


4 Responses to Contact us

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi, I am urgently looking for a number for the 9th league squash captain for Akasia, or any other person with Akasia.

    I need to contact them in regards to these evenings game.


  2. Marina Du Triou says:

    Good day

    We did the payment and the process for registration for our son Nathan Du Triou U 13 on 9 March, we are still waiting for an registration nr, due to this we missed the entry date for this NJSA tournament this weekend.

    May I please ask if there is someone to assist us as this website is really not user friendly. Your admin email delivery also don’t reach you system delivery each time I try to send mail.


  3. Brad Weir says:

    Good day. I am sure Tayla Weir is registered with NJSA but I don’t see her name on the master list. Please confirm. She did play in the NJSA RR a few weeks ago.

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