Home Frenzy Training Video 6

Afternoon all.

Enjoy the break yesterday, I hope?

Home Frenzy 6

EMOM Circuit Challenge

Circuit 1
1. Jumping jack combo x 6
2. Core touch combo x 10/20/10

Circuit 2
1. Upper body combo x 4
2. Around-the-World lunges x 3 each leg

Circuit 3
1. Suicide burpees x 5
2. Leg drop combo x 4

Circuit 4
1. Pistol squat combo x 3 each leg
2. Bridge combo x 3

✅Complete the exercise reps & rest for the remainder of the minute
✅Alternate the 2 exercises 3 times per circuit i.e. 6 minutes x 4 circuits
✅Rest 60 – 90 seconds between circuits

A good session to get the week going. Simply click onto the google link below to download the HD video.

  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes

PS, we will be sharing 10 Home Franzy video’s as open source. Thereafter you welcome to receive more exciting sessions and advice by joining the
Andrew & Mark Fitness Reboot group… More info to follow in the week.

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