Home Frenzy Training Video 8

Hi all

Hope the Buck Burpee’s yesterday went well.

Home Frenzy 8

TABATA Core Circuit

1. Cardio Spike 1 – Alternating ghosts
2. Knee-to-elbow plane
3. Cardio Spike 2 – Double shuffle floor touch
4. Flutter kicks
5. Cardio Spike 3 – Sprint lifts on 5
6. Crab crunch / Knee touch crunch
7. Cardio Spike 4 – Tuck jacks
8. Bicycle crunch
9. Cardio Spike 5 – Slalom jumps
10. Alternating limb lift plank
11. Cardio Spike 6 – Back and forth jumps
12. Leg drop circles

✅30s work / 15s rest x 3 sets
✅Follow the above cardio spike sequence OR choose your favourites
✅60 – 90s rest between sets

Nice cardio workout!

As per the previous shares, the HD Videos have been uploaded and please consult your coach before commencing.



  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes.

Have fun

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