Home Frenzy Training Video 9

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Home Frenzy 9
Watch the video for good explanations

Buy in:
50 dead rows (back & lats)

Swing conditioning:
*1min rest between sets, 3 min rest between exercises
*drop set on the last set of each exercise
3 x 10 W raises (upper back, rotator cuff)
3 x 20 thrusters (shoulders)
3 x 10 crossover push-ups (chest)

Isometric strength:
*Complete in as few sets as possible
3min plank (core)
2min right side plank (obliques)
2min left side plank (obliques)
1min L-sit (core)

Buy out:
50 dead rows (back & lats )

HD Video, click below

  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes.

This is the 2nd last Home Frenzy of the set.

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