Home Frenzy Training Video Day 3

Good Day

It’s Day 3…..if you attempted the Spartan Challenge, well done!

Home Frenzy 3
Another exciting challenge for you to go for.

The Metabolic Challenge
30 / 15min AMRAP

Two choices to serve the more senior and younger generation

30 min or 15 min
1. 100 or 50 jumping jacks
2. 50 or 25 mountain climbs
3. 25 or 10 burpee rows
4. 50 or 25 mountain climbs
5. 100 or 50 lunge jacks

Keep repeating and see how many rounds you can complete in the time allocation. e.g. 2.4 or 3.2


  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes.



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