IPT Managers

Team Managers Criteria

Anyone interested in volunteering their time to manage a NJSA IPT Team during the upcoming IPT Week which will be held from 15 to 19 June can submit their interest directly online below before Saturday 11 May at 24h00.

The role of a manager includes the responsibilities of management and the administration of teams. Prospective applicants must therefore be in a position to satisfy criteria across all the responsibilities.

  • IPT Age Group Guidelines
    • u11: Usually a parent of a team member that understands the emotions of 8 to 10-year olds. This festival is about nurturing plyers and getting them to enjoy the experience.  Cross gender managers are considered.
    • u13: Still young and players hitting adolescence managers will still have to manage emotions and skill. Direct parents are still considered but squash and team management experience begin to play a role.  Same gender managers to teams are selected.
    • u14 to u19: Players now compete for South African Top 10 (considered SA Colours). The manager’s role becomes more profound and in line with the requirements listed below. Same gender managers to teams are selected.
  • Experience / Coaching / Management
    • Experience in squash, with respect to managing and administrating individuals and teams.
    • Knowledge of the rules of squash and the regulations of IPT’s and / or competitions.
    • Personal coaching philosophy and sound organizational skills.
    • Knowledge and understanding of game adjustments and facilitating them during the course of the IPT.
    • Attendance of the Marking and Refereeing Course during 2019.
  • Human Relations
    • Ability to work in a team environment and manage a sports team.
    • Ability to relate to, control and work with players at the age appropriate level.
    • Ability to provide constructive feedback to players during the IPT.
    • Interest in working with the players to form a team regardless of their point of origin.
    • Ability to act with honesty and integrity with regard to players, parents, NJSA and organizers of the IPT.
    • Knowledge in conflict management.
    • Ability to enforce discipline fairly, in an unbiased manner without prejudice.
  • Other Requirements
    • Valid driver’s license and aged 23 or older; if required to drive a rental vehicle.
    • Experience in driving a vehicle carrying up to 10 passengers.
    • The manager will take accountability for the vehicle and is the ONLY driver allowed; as they are accountable for any excess payable for hired car damage (if deemed appropriate by NJSA).
    • No consumption of alcohol is allowed when out with the team. There is a controlled manager’s lounge where you can relax and enjoy a drink; after the players have settled for the evening.
    • No criminal record.
    • No previous/unresolved complaints to NJSA or any affiliated association in relation to managing a team.
    • First Aid experience will be an advantage.
    • Commitment to the SA Schools Squash and NJSA values and Code of Conduct.
    • Ability to successfully serve as a spokesperson for the team and NJSA.
    • Ability to write effective post IPT report to assist with future IPT preparation and involvement.
    • Good working knowledge of age group for which the manager role is being applied for.
  • Expectations
    • Attendance at management meetings in preparation for the IPT (if applicable)
    • No direct costs are incurred and a small stipend is afforded to the manager; however, there are some expenses incurred as “part of the role” which is not refundable (unless in extreme cases).
    • No payment is made to managers in lieu of time.
    • Any leave requirement is for the manager’s responsibility. We can issue a letter to assist with sports leave (if applicable).
    • Ability to hold a deposit for a rental vehicle (if required).


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