NJSA High schools league


  • Leagues will be played in strength and not age groups in 2018.
  • A school may enter as many teams as they want in order of strength. Teams must be clearly designated, for example Boys High 1, Boys High 2, Boys High 3, etc.
  • The number of leagues will be determined once the entries have been received.
  • There will be 6 teams per league and a maximum of 2 teams from the same school.
  • Combined gender teams must play in the boys section.
  • Each team shall consist of four (4) players.
  • Playing order will be 4, 3, 2, 1
  • Players must play in order of strength according to the school ladder, at all times.
  • NJSA will seed the entries and determine the league allocations utilising the NJSA information available and at their own discretion.
  • February: 26
  • March: 12, 19
  • May: 4, 11
  • Players must be at the venue and ready to start play at 14h30.
  • There will be double rounds on some of the dates played so play will end around 18h30.
  • A fixture may be rescheduled, at the agreement of both teams.
  • Rescheduled fixtures must be played within 5 week days before the scheduled date or within 2 week days after the scheduled date.
  • A team that wishes to reschedule a fixture must give written notice to the opposing team at least 10 week days before the scheduled date and indicate the preferred alternative date. The NJSA High schools league organiser must be copied on all correspondence in this regard.
  • Organisers are requested to not reschedule fixtures for trivial reasons but also to be accommodating to teams with requests to reschedule.
  • The rescheduled time and venue are to be confirmed with the organiser prior to the rescheduled fixture date.
  • If agreement can’t be reached the team wanting to change the date will have to play on the original scheduled date or forfeit the fixture.
  • If a team does not arrive within 30 minutes of the scheduled time the team forfeits the entire fixture.
  • The closing date for entries is 8 February 2018.
  • Only online entries will be accepted.
  • If you do not receive a confirmation email within 24 hours, consider it that you have NOT entered and re-enter the team.
  • The entry fee is R300 per team, payable by 16 February 2018.
  • If the fee is not paid by the due date the team will not be entered into a league.
  • Payments to be made to: NJSA, Absa Bank, Brooklyn (Code 632005), Acc. No 9070327031
  • Venues will be confirmed once all the teams have been entered.
  • School courts and club courts will be used.
  • Schools are asked to make their courts available and we will endeavour to ensure they play as many fixtures as possible at their courts.
  • Schools are to ensure they have the relevant representation to oversee and manage the fixtures, player behaviour and venue safety.
  1. BALLS
  • The Dunlop High Altitude (green dot) ball must be used for all league matches.
  • Teams to provide their own balls.
  • Scoring for all matches will be a point a rally to 11.
  • Points are allocated for all games won.
  • The team winning the most matches wins the fixture. If both teams won 2 matches the winning team is the team with the most games. If the games are a tie the winning team is the team with the most points. If the points are a tie the fixture is a tie.
  • The winning team receives one (1) bonus point for each match won. If the fixture is a tie the bonus points are shares i.e. both teams get 1 bonus point each.
  • In the case of a tie for 1st place in the league the result of the match between the teams will be the decider. If that fixture was a tie then the team with the highest points difference will be declared the winner. If the difference is the same the trophy is shared.
  • All results MUST be captured on the Northerns Admin System within 2 week days after the scheduled fixture date.
  • If a fixture is rescheduled by 2 days, results must be captured that same evening before 24h00.
  • Either team can capture the results.
  • The other team has 2 week days to confirm the result. If they doesn’t confirm or dispute the result within the required 2 days the captured result will stand. No changes will be allowed.
  • If no result is captured within the 2 days, both teams will receive zero points for the fixture.
  • If there is a dispute about the results it must be lodged in writing to the NJSA High schools league organiser within 4 week days after the scheduled fixture date.
  • Disputes outside of the time frame will not be entertained.
  • Schools are requested to ensure that their teams play in their schools’ sports clothes so as to represent proper team unity.
  • Protective eyewear is compulsory and must be of the recognised standard.
  • Only recognised squash footwear will be allowed – gum rubber or non-marking soled shoes.

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