NJSA Official challenges

Complete the form to lodge a challenge. Closing date for challenges for the 2019 season is 18 April 2019.

Put a zero if you're not currently on the ladder
The date that you propose to play the challenge match
The name of a player that will be available to mark the challenge match

The following challenges have been lodged:

Your surnameYour nameAge groupWho you challenge - surnameWho you challenge - nameEntry Date
RothmannSebastiaanU16CloeteCameron2018-10-31 17:41:39
SmutsJDU13MostertEben2018-10-12 14:59:39
FerreiraReuvenU14ConradieRikus2018-10-17 11:38:36
BouwerDirk-PierreU19 Van WykJeanne-Pierre2018-09-11 09:47:33

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