NJSA Primary Schools league


The primary schools league take place from 24 – 27 October 2018.

  1. Start time and sequence of play.

The first match must start within 15 minutes of the scheduled starting time.   The only exception will be if the court organiser has been timeously notified that a team will be late.

The preferred sequence of play will be nr 4’s then nr 3’s then nr 2’s and then nr 1’s.   If players are late then the first two players that are there must start playing.   If one of the players of a team does not arrive at all a walkover will be given to the opposition.

  1. Marking and refereeing.

Please keep in mind that the players are not equally experienced in marking and refereeing – especially in the B,C and Beginners leagues.   The court organisers will assist where necessary.

  • Nr 4’s to be marked by the nr 1’s.
  • Nr 3’s to be marked by the nr 4’s.
  • Nr 2’s to be marked by the nr 3’s.
  • Nr 1’s to be marked by the nr 2’s.

Above will obviously work well if matches are played in the correct sequence.  Please keep in mind that this will not always happen in  which case the players that are available must mark.

All players must mark the match played (on the same court they played on) immediately after they have played.   Players who do not follow this rule will be penalised – one point will be subtracted from their team’s total points.

  1. Non-player and/or organiser interference.

PARENTS, SPECTATORS and any other person who is not an official (i.e. court organiser, NJSA committee member and league organiser) may not in any way whatsoever interfere with the duties of the court organiser or the marking and refereeing.

Please notify an official if concerned about anything – it is their duty to resolve problems.

Interference by outsiders always leads to unnecessary unpleasantness. It is against the rules of squash – and the players and or teams could be penalised!  PLEASE BE GOOD/FAIR/DECENT SPECTATORS AND SUPPORTERS!

  1. Rules of the game.

The official ISF rules will be applicable.   Exceptions will only be made if approved by an official and all players have been notified.  Best out of 5 games , PAR scoring up to 11.

  1. Ball

All Leagues: double dot. Pro Revelation ball – Each team must supply own balls.

  1. Sequence of players.

Players must play in sequence of their strength with the strongest player being the number 1 and the weakest the number 4.  No players allowed to play that was not initially entered in a schools team.

A player will keep the same position for both matches played on an afternoon OR may play their second match in a higher position than that of their first match.   If a player, for whatever reason cannot play the second match, all the players below that player must move up one position with the reserve coming in at the lowest position.

  1. Results

A result sheet must be completed by all teams and given to the court organiser at the courts.   The captains of both teams must sign the result sheet.

  1. Matches not played

If, for whatever reason, a team cannot field a side it is their responsibility to notify their opposition and the court organiser.   If the opposition is willing the teams may arrange to play the match at another time.   In this case it will be the responsibility of the team that cannot play to organise the venue, supply balls and to send the results to the court organiser.   All matches must be completed no later than 28 October 2018

Teams that do not arrive without having notified the opposition or the court organiser timeously will be penalised i.e. the opposition will get a walk over and two points will be subtracted from the culprit’s total points.

  1. Protective Eyewear and Non Marking Shoes

No player will be allowed to go on court without protective eyewear. No exceptions will be made.  Team organisers must please see to it that every player arrive with protective eyewear at the courts and look after their own eyewear for the duration of the matches. No dark soled shoes allowed!

  1. First Aid Kit

Every team must have their own small first aid kit available in case of an injury or emergency.


If your school is not on the list, please contact Maryna Fourie on 072 130 9381.
Please complete this field even if it's the same as for the school
E.g. Midstream 1, Midstream 2, Midstream 3, etc.
Please select the estimated strength of the team - in which league they want to play. Boys - A to C and Beginners, Girls - A or B
Only 4 players will play per fixture. You're welcome to swop no 4 and 5 each day.

Name of account: NJSA
Bank: ABSA Bank
Branch code: 632 005
Account number: 907 032 7031
Please use your school’s name and number of teams as reference. Send proof of payment to njsa@northerns.co.za.

Please direct any queries at Maryna Fourie, NJSA Primary Schools league co-ordinator – 072 130 9381.

Please click on the square to indicate that you are a real person entering a team.


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