NMSA IPT selection

Masters IPT Selection Criteria (singles and doubles)

  • You must be 35 on the 8th of September the current year
  • You must annually register for NMSA R 125
  • You must have an active NSF number and be in good standing with your club.
  • You must have an active SA Squash number R120. You can acquire or verify at www.SportyHQ.com
  • You must have competed in one of the NMSA tournaments in the specific year and have indicated that you are available for the IPT selection. The following NMSA tournaments is IPT qualifiers:
    • 1 Open satellite tournament.
    • 1 Closed tournament.
    • NMSA Sponserd league series.

The team will then be selected from the masters that qualified and indicated that they are available for ITP team selection.
Teams are selected by the age group and strength by the committee.
Teams approach the committee and if both entrants qualify they will be in the team. Remember there are mixed and single gender teams, you can play in both.

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