NMSA Sponsored League 2019 Info

In addition to the IPT tournament, NMSA has in the past embarked on a sponsored league tournament where individuals enter and are allocated to a sponsored team who then compete against each other, usually on a Friday evening.

As the number of entries to the above tournament has been dwindling NMSA has debated this problem and has decided to change the format of the sponsored league as follows:

Individual clubs to be approached with the request to source players (ladies & men) for the league who will play as club members under the banner of a sponsor. Where clubs do not have sufficient players to make up a team individual entries will be combined to make up the required team.

The sourcing of players by a club will be in the following positions of the team:

o Position 1 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 1st league to 2nd league (including reserve league)

o Position 2 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 3rd league to 5th league and/or ladies 1st league

o Position 3 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 6th league to 8th league and/or ladies reserve league

o Position 4 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 9th league to 10th league

o Position 5 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 11th league to 12th league and/or ladies 2nd league

o Position 6 – 1 player to be nominated from men’s 13th league onwards and/or ladies 3rd league

o Each team nominated by the club should contain at least 1 lady player, but will not be limited to this number

o Each nominated person must be registered with Squash SA as well as with NMSA (registration numbers required)

As stated above this tournament was previously held only on Friday evenings, but consideration will be given to possibly combine open evening slots during the week (weekdays) with alternative Friday evening slots.

The above proposal is a complete deviation from the previous Sponsored League Tournaments where individuals entered. It is our opinion that more participants might be willing to compete if they were entered as a group from a club.

We would appreciate your comments and input regarding the above ideas as soon as possible as the Sponsored League Tournament is due to commence during the 2nd half of May 2019.

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