Bloem Open 2020 Results

A very successful weekend indeed and bodes well for IPT’s if we can maintain the momentum

  • 400+ players
  • 10 Medals
  • 23 Top 10 finishes

From 9 provinces and a major province doing well if they achieve 5 medals, we doubled that!  Furthermore to secure 23% of the Top 10 finishes is outstanding.

  • 2 Golds and narrowly missed 2 more golds in the 5th
    • Patrick Weir u14 and Juan-Cone Brand u13 with
    • Brett Mclachlin (9-11) and Awande Malinga (8-11) leaving everything on the court
    • Valme Webster, Judah Phillips and Chante Leppan wrapped up our finalists
  • 5 Silvers
  • 3 Bronze

Top 10’s are looking great with u16 holding 4 Top 10’s per gender.

Thanks once again to Liz and Maryna for creating the solid foundation and allowing the two coaching schools to be well represented.  They can be proud of their players and we wish them well as they prepare their players for the SA Nationals at the end of March.

That’s a wrap for the weekend folks.

Please see the results for each section below:

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Bloem Open 2020 Draws

Herewith the draws for the Bloem Open:



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Blitz league final results

The Blitz league finals took place on Thursday, 20 February. CBCOB won the men’s final against Uitsig and Tuks won the Ladies’ final against CBCOB. Centurion beat Glenwood in the Men’s Reserve league final.

Here are the full results of all the final round play-offs:

Home team Away team League Result
CBT001 UIT001 Men 1st – 1/2 13-4
PCC001 UIT002 Men 1st – 3/4 12-6
CSI001 HAD001 Men 1st – 5/6 5-14
PHS001 PCC002 Men 1st – 7/8 14-6
TUK001 IRE001 Men 1st – 9/10 16-1
TUKL01 CBTL01 Ladies – 1/2 12-6
HADL01 TUKL02 Ladies – 3/4 11-8
UITL01 PHSL01 Ladies – 5/6 13-5
UITL02 PCCL01 Ladies – 7/8 13-5
CEN001 GLE001 Men Res – 1/2 16-1
HAD002 TUK002 Men Res – 3/4 8-13
UIT003 CEN002 Men Res – 5/6 12-7
UIT004 CSI002 Men Res – 7/8 16-6
PHS002 PCC003 Men Res – 9/10 7-14









The final positions were as follows:

1 CBT001 TUKL01 CEN001
2 UIT001 CBTL01 GLE001
3 PCC001 HADL01 TUK002
4 UIT002 TUKL02 HAD002
5 HAD001 UITL01 UIT003
6 CSI001 PHSL01 CEN002
7 PHS001 UITL02 UIT004
8 PCC002 PCCL01 CSI002
9 TUK001 PCC003
10 IRE001 PHS002
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Blitz league semifinals

Here are the draws for the Blitz league semifinals that take place tonight, Tuesday 18 February:

Home team Away team League Venue Court
PCC001 CBT001 Men 1st – 1 CBT 1
UIT001 UIT002 Men 1st – 2 PCC 2
CSI001 PHS001 Men 1st – 3 CBT 2
HAD001 PCC002 Men 1st – 4 PCC 1
TUKL01 HADL01 Ladies – 1 PCC 3
CBTL01 TUKL02 Ladies – 2 PCC 4
UITL01 UITL02 Ladies – 3 PCC 5
PCCL01 PHSL01 Ladies – 4 PCC 6
CEN001 HAD002 Men Res – 1 HAD 2
TUK002 GLE001 Men Res – 2 HAD 1
UIT003 UIT004 Men Res – 3 HAD 3
CSI002 CEN002 Men Res – 4 HAD 4
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NMSA IPT qualifying and Sponsored League questionnaire

Upcoming SA Masters IPT from 14th to 18th May in Pietermaritzburg:

We encourage all players who want to play IPT to participate in Satellite 1 and SA Masters Tournaments.League participation will also be taken into account.The committee will take into account circumstances and the strongest possible available playerswill be selected to represent Northerns Masters in May.

SAT1 Entry     SA Masters Open Entry

All Players interested in playing Sponsored League:

NMSA would like to determine what the majority feeling is about the aforementioned league and ask for your prompt feedback.

Vote !

We would like to make this a pleasure for everyone!

Your input and suggestions will be highly appreciated.
NSA Committee.

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