Covid-19 Club Official Registration

In order for us to phase-in and re-open squash, Squash SA and the Department of Sport, Arts and Culture require that every club must appoint a COVID-19 Official, who will be responsible for the compliance of all the safety measures and precautions.

We need to submit all the names and contact details for every club’s Covid-19 Official before 23 June 2020 at 09h00.

Please register your club’s representative:

Covid-19 Club Official Registration
reCAPTCHA is required.

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WSF World Masters Championship – Canceled!

23-29 August 2020 Wroclaw Poland

COVID-19 Update.


Refund Information

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COVID-19: Financial Assistance to Coaches

Considering the impact of COVID-19, Lockdown restrictions and health and safety protocols, a sport like squash, will potentially only be coming back to the fore at Lockdown Level 1 or 2 and at an unknown time.

In view of this, NJSA has set aside R150 000 to assist NJSA coaches with financial aid for up to 3 months.  For more detail, please see attached.

Yours in supporting the squash community


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Home Frenzy Training Video 10

Morning all

Welcome to the final workout Home Frenzy of the series.

We hope you have enjoyed them and if you wish to continue, please:

Andrew: 0845117844
Mark: 0760130989

They will happily discuss how to receive more from this exciting series.

Home Frenzy 10

The Triple Threat!

TABATA Workout

1. Alternating ghost lunges
2. Double side-shuffle floor touch
– 45s work, 15s rest
– Repeat x 5 sets each

EMOM Workout
1. Squats – 12 full, 12 pulses & 12sec hold
2. Push-ups – X* full, X* pulses & X*s hold
3. Lunge dips – 10 full & 10s hold on each leg
– *X = 1/3 of max push-ups
(NB: Perform push-ups to failure prior to starting the EMOM Workout)
– Rest what you don’t work
– Repeat x 4 sets

FOR TIME Workout
1. 60 x forward up & over jumps
2. 60 x side up & over jumps
– Push through the incremental fatigue from previous workouts to record your fastest completion time!

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Home Frenzy Training Video 9

Good day!

It’s 🌞’s out 💪🏻’s out

Home Frenzy 9
Watch the video for good explanations

Buy in:
50 dead rows (back & lats)

Swing conditioning:
*1min rest between sets, 3 min rest between exercises
*drop set on the last set of each exercise
3 x 10 W raises (upper back, rotator cuff)
3 x 20 thrusters (shoulders)
3 x 10 crossover push-ups (chest)

Isometric strength:
*Complete in as few sets as possible
3min plank (core)
2min right side plank (obliques)
2min left side plank (obliques)
1min L-sit (core)

Buy out:
50 dead rows (back & lats )

HD Video, click below

  • Note: Consult your coach for advice before commencing. This does not replace any current programmes.

This is the 2nd last Home Frenzy of the set.

Want to see more?
Andrew: 0845117844
Mark:     0760130989

Have a good one!

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