SA Masters IPT Pretoria 2019

Northerns Masters Squash Association is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the Annual SA Masters Inter-Provincial squash tournament in Pretoria from Friday 6 September 2019 to Tuesday 10 September 2019.
The NMSA tournament committee is excited to be able to host what we believe will be a very enjoyable tournament and the spirit of previous SA Masters Tournaments.

Masters IPT 2019 Tournament Survey

Please complete the survey, we would like to gain your direct inputs.  We are all committed to growing the sport, your time, energy and contributions play a crucial role in achieving this please follow this link to complete the survey:

Masters IPT 2019 Survey

Even if you have not taken part, but feel there may be constructive inputs we can benefit from using, please take less than 8 minutes to share your thoughts with us.

Thanks for your input on behalf of the host province (Northerns Masters Squash) and SA Masters committee.

Newsletter 6 – 2019-09-18

Ladies Round 1 Score

Ladies Results Final

Men 35 Results Final

Men 45 A Results Final

Men 45 B  & C Results Final

Men 45 D Results Final

Men 55 Results Final

Trophy Winners

Monty Shotland Trophy: Northerns – Winners and Central Gauteng Runners up

Roy Kirby Trophy: Eastern Gauteng – Winners and Midlands Runners up


Fotos will follow soon! We thank all participants for a GREAT week of squash.

Captains, please send a message to 083 231 4075 for queries.

Disciplinary Committee Info

Tournament Booklet Page 1 to 15

Tournament Booklet Page 16 to 33

Tournament Booklet Page 33 to 52


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