Entry IDName of schoolGender section enteredLeague enteredEntry Date
3CBC Mount EdmundBoysD2024-01-25 11:13:30
4CBC Mount EdmundBoysG2024-01-25 11:22:25
5CBC Mount EdmundGirlsD2024-01-25 11:26:55
6Midstream CollegeBoysA2024-01-26 07:46:12
7Midstream CollegeBoysB2024-01-26 07:47:14
8Midstream CollegeBoysB2024-01-26 07:48:25
10Midstream CollegeBoysD2024-01-26 07:50:18
11Midstream CollegeBoysD2024-01-26 07:51:12
12Midstream CollegeBoysE2024-01-26 07:52:10
15Midstream CollegeGirlsC2024-01-26 07:55:11
16Pretoria High School for GirlsGirlsC2024-01-26 08:18:29
17Pretoria High School for GirlsGirlsD2024-01-26 08:21:32
1Hoërskool Garsfontein BoysB2024-01-27 13:24:34
2Hoërskool Garsfontein BoysC2024-01-27 13:33:12
3 Hoërskool ZwartkopBoysA2024-01-27 17:27:38
4 Hoërskool ZwartkopBoysB2024-01-27 17:30:16
5 Hoërskool ZwartkopBoysD2024-01-27 17:42:48
6 Hoërskool ZwartkopBoysE2024-01-27 17:45:22
7 Hoërskool ZwartkopBoysG2024-01-27 17:47:43
8 Hoërskool ZwartkopGirlsA2024-01-27 17:49:13
9 Hoërskool ZwartkopGirlsG2024-01-27 17:51:47
10The Glen High SchoolBoysE2024-01-28 15:28:08
11The Glen High SchoolGirlsD2024-01-28 15:31:51
12St. Mary's DSGGirlsC2024-01-29 10:50:03
13St. Mary's DSGGirlsD2024-01-29 10:51:50
14St. Mary's DSGGirlsD2024-01-29 10:53:19
16Hoërskool MenloparkGirlsA2024-01-29 11:01:27
17Hoërskool MenloparkGirlsB2024-01-29 11:13:21
18Hoërskool MenloparkGirlsC2024-01-29 11:16:48
19Hoërskool MenloparkGirlsD2024-01-29 11:20:22
20Hoërskool MenloparkBoysA2024-01-29 11:22:28
21Hoërskool MenloparkBoysC2024-01-29 11:25:14
22Hoërskool MenloparkBoysD2024-01-29 11:27:02
23Hoërskool MenloparkBoysE2024-01-29 11:32:41
24Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysA2024-01-29 11:34:20
25Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysA2024-01-29 11:35:15
26Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysD2024-01-29 11:41:06
27Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysE2024-01-29 11:42:03
1Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysC2024-01-29 12:56:54
2Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysD2024-01-29 12:58:39
3Afrikaanse Hoër SeunskoolBoysD2024-01-29 15:58:24
4Afrikaanse Hoër SeunskoolBoysE2024-01-29 16:00:48
5Midstream CollegeGirlsA2024-01-29 19:17:34
6Midstream CollegeGirlsB2024-01-29 19:19:19
7Midstream CollegeBoysC2024-01-29 19:20:56
1Hoërskool Eldoraigne BoysC2024-01-30 08:59:37
2Hoërskool Eldoraigne BoysD2024-01-30 09:01:23
3Hoërskool Eldoraigne GirlsB2024-01-30 09:02:51
4 Hoërskool WaterkloofBoysB2024-01-30 12:49:44
5 Hoërskool WaterkloofBoysC2024-01-30 12:51:45
6 Hoërskool WaterkloofBoysC2024-01-30 12:55:30
7 Hoërskool WaterkloofGirlsD2024-01-30 12:58:26

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