NJSA Top Schools 2023



  • Only 1 team per High School is allowed.
  • Dependent on the number of entries received, we may consider a B section to provide more players and Schools with the opportunity of experiencing the Top Schools tournament and environment. Bigger Schools may then enter more than one team, which will be considered for a possible B section
  • Schools entering must be in good standing with NJSA.

Registration and Entry Fee

  • Registration of Teams must be done via the Northerns website.
  • Names of players must be provided, but the playing order is not required at the registration stage.
  • The entry fee for the tournament is R650 per team. 
  • The closing date for entries is Friday 9th June 2023.

Teams and Selection

  • Each team will consist of 5 players. Teams must nominate a non-playing reserve.
  • If the School has registered a team in the B section as well, the reserve for the A team will play number 1 in the B team.
  • This is a Top Schools event and therefore schools have the option of playing their top 5 players, irrespective of gender. They will play in the Boys section. Any girls selected may not play in two sections.
  • The highest place all boys and all girls team will be invited to represent NJSA at the National Top Schools event
  • Team playing order must be submitted to the tournament organiser before the start of the first fixture for ratification.
  • No changes may be made to the playing order once the first fixture has started.
  • WSF approved eyewear is compulsory whenever a player is on court.
  • SA Squash clothing guide must be followed
  • The Dunlop High Altitude (green dot) ball will be used

Fixtures and Scoring

  • The format of the draw will be determined once all the entries have been received.The format of the draw will be determined once all the entries have been received but teams are required to be available as follows:
    o Thursday 15th June 17h30 to 21h30
    o Friday 16th June 09h00 to 17h00 (Public Holiday)
    o Saturday 17th June 09h00 to 13h00
    There will be no play on Sunday to allow players to study for exams.
  • The order of play will be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 except for the last round whereby the order will be drawn randomly; but the Nr 1 must play within the first 3 fixtures.
  • Players are required to mark and referee the match after their own, the winner is the referee. The marking order will be 1, 5, 4, 3, 2. For the first match the team mentioned first will be the referee.
  • Scoring will be best of 5 games, PAR 11 (win by 2).
  • 1 point for each game won and 5 bonus points to the team that wins the most matches.
  • Teams are requested to arrive 30 min before the tie is due to start.
  • Players must be available to go on court immediately after the previous game is complete.
  • Teams must play at the provided venue on the stipulated dates and times. No alternative arrangements will be allowed.
  • Completed results sheets must be signed by both managers and will be treated as accurate and correct. The result sheet must be handed to the court supervisor on completion of the fixture.
  • SA and SA Top Schools rules will be in force where applicable.

 NJSA Committee 2023

Entries received:

Name of SchoolGender section enteredSection EnteredManagerEntry Date
Midstream CollegeGirlsAInge Olivier2023-06-01 11:14:12
Midstream CollegeBoysAInge Olivier2023-06-01 11:18:42
Pretoria Boys High SchoolBoysAJonty Matthys2023-06-03 12:00:46
Die Hoërskool MenloparkBoysAWillem Botha2023-06-05 08:58:40
Die Hoërskool MenloparkGirlsAJan-Harm van Helsdingen2023-06-05 09:03:07
Hoërskool EldoraigneBoysACheryldene Fischer2023-06-08 08:30:14
HOËRSKOOL ZWARTKOPBoysADouw Pretorius2023-06-09 06:57:50
HOËRSKOOL ZWARTKOPGirlsADouw Pretorius2023-06-09 07:00:42

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