SA Country Schools Festival 2023

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Entry IDPlayer NamePlayer SurnameSchoolEntry Date
1KaylaRandallSutherland High School2023-03-29 09:23:46
2RuanEngelbrechtAfrikaanse Hoër Seunskool2023-04-04 17:03:02
3Dewald De GraafHoërskool Menlopark2023-04-05 13:44:34
4DianJacobsDie Hoerskool Menlopark2023-04-05 21:47:08
5Jamesdu PreezMidstream Ridge Primary 2023-04-06 08:50:17
6Henrydu Preez Midstream College2023-04-06 08:54:22
7Stefan VersterMidstream College 2023-04-08 08:41:43
8Luzè NiemandMenlopark Hoërskool2023-04-08 17:00:05
9RudolphBothaZwartkop High School 2023-04-10 11:14:05
10Adriaan Johannes GerhardusRouxAfrikaanse Hoër Seunskool2023-04-11 10:34:36
11AndreCoetzeeMidstream College Primary2023-04-12 13:30:13
12Andrew ConleyMidstream College2023-04-13 12:59:01
13HugoPelserMidstream College2023-04-13 13:18:48
14Menelisi Mbatha Midstream college 2023-04-13 16:07:25
15Gustav Grosskopf Die Hoërskool Menlopark2023-04-13 20:02:21
16NamrathaEswari NiranjanMidstream College2023-04-13 21:19:53
17KeaganTwymanDie Hoerskool Menlopark2023-04-14 08:47:44
18JanGreylingAFFIES2023-04-14 11:45:33
19MichaelBassonMidstream Ridge Laerskool/Primary2023-04-14 16:13:12
20EuanGroenewaldMidstream College High School2023-04-14 21:42:40
21InnesMeyerMidstream Ridge Primary School2023-04-15 06:55:03

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