U16 IPT 2022


We are extremely excited to welcome you to the u16 SA Interprovincial Squash Tournament; our first full participation IPT since the COVID-19 pandemic put a halt to proceedings for over 2-years. 

We welcome back many players and Managers from previous IPT’s held in Pretoria.  Many friendships and rivalries were forged, and we trust these friendships will be rekindled at this year’s IPT.

We encourage everyone participating and spectating to respect the values of fair play, respect for each other, good sportsmanship and to have fun

Provide your unconditional support to the players, whether they are winning or losing.  There will be major disappointment in losing a tight 5 setter and unparallel joy at winning one, but the life lessons learnt at this IPT will only contribute to the positive growth and development of each one of the players, supporters as well as the sport. 

Please remember it is a game. The ultimate objective is to have fun and to develop a love for the game of squash for the rest of their lives.

Thank you to my tireless Northern Junior Committee who have put in many hours of work to ensure a successful week in Pretoria. 

Thank you, players, managers, and parents who have travelled from all over the Country and across our border; in order to participate.   

We hope that you will take away great memories and friendships that will last for many years to come.



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